10 Fantastic Lego Models created by AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego)

When people think of Lego, the first thing that comes to mind is a colourful child’s toy, but it has the potential for so much more. There’s a vast community of dedicated artists who work to create the most incredible creations. With that in mind, here is a selection of the best models created by adult fans of Lego.


  1. Steampunk


This great selection of steampunk models really captures the theme, with imaginative use of gears, metallic parts and inspired clothing on minifigures.


  1. Classic Camera


Lego models don’t always have to be big and complex, as proven by this great creation. Despite the simplicity and small amount of parts used, the creator has managed to recreate an older style of camera perfectly.


  1. Old Desktop


This creator has used parts very imaginatively to create an old CRT computer desk with office chair, complete with many small details that bring the creation to life.


  1. Samurai Temple


Occasionally, builders go all out and create huge, detailed masterpieces like this. Everything in this model has been put together with a huge amount of consideration, such as the realistic water, the tones and shapes of the mountains and all the vegetation across it.


  1. Aircraft Carrier


This is another huge, complex model. The impressive thing about this is how the entire thing is to scale, and that all the different aircraft are so well built that they are instantly recognisable.


  1. Flying Submarine


A strange idea, but very imaginative and interesting. The builder has done a great job of capturing a DC-3 reminiscent plane in the style of a soviet submarine.


  1. Borg Cube


The interesting thing about this build is that despite being so large, it is still completely square. Yet it manages to hold a lot of detail and does a good job of representing the Borg Cube from the TV series Star Trek.


  1. HMS Victory


A to scale model of Admiral Nelson’s flagship, the HMS Victory. The creator has done an excellent job of getting the masts and ropes laid out correctly.


  1. Dragonstar


This huge Lego space battleship really embodies the imagination of some of these artists, as it’s a completely original work, based entirely from the creator’s ideas.


  1. Battle of Agincourt


Finally, here’s another historical model. A full size replica of the Battle of Agincourt, complete with lots of terrain detail and very complex armies.

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