Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why I love knitting, and my goals for 2016

Rachel Owen, Tangled Yarn: Why I love Knitting, and my goals for 2016   I’m a knitter and have been for over 30 years although I did take a break in my late teens. I rekindled my love for all things yarn related in my twenties after a bereavement and found great solace in each […]

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Does insurance cover online sales

Does insurance cover mail order/online marketing?   This is a question we get asked fairly frequently, and a recent email prompted me to try and answer this, along with a few snippets of information about our policy that may prove helpful. Firstly, with regards to online sales, it’s primarily the products liability aspect that will […]

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Craft Business February To Do List

For me, February is a month of birthdays, pancakes, gardening and Valentines day, so of course, this is predominately what my own do lists are centred around.  I get to make handmade presents, and cards, and I love it.  I managed to find last years hand crafted Valentines day card.  I can tell you, a […]

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