Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Crochetty Cow and Udder Things

What do you do? I am mainly a passionate crocheter especially when it comes to cotton.  My main love is in crocheted Christmas Decorations, Throws and Blankets although I do delve into doilies, baby clothes and other little things like Hair Clips, earrings, little stuffed toys.  Really whatever I fancy doing at the time.  I […]

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Abha Sharma – TOSé Apothecary Ltd

TOSé Apothecary Ltd is a boutique skincare apothecary with a strong belief in making natural skincare products using botanical, organic & natural plant elements. They are an artisan brand involved in manufacturing pure, natural & handcrafted skincare products in the heart of UK. They are based in London and they handcraft there range with precision […]

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John Bellamy – Blacksmith

John Bellamy is a professional blacksmith instructor from exeter. He provides amateurs and beginners a 3 day training weekend workshop where you can learn the basics of blacksmithing which provides a firm foundation of the job or hobby as a whole. After this training course, you can use all the skills learnt and be qualified […]

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