Abha Sharma – TOSé Apothecary Ltd

TOSé Apothecary Ltd is a boutique skincare apothecary with a strong belief in making natural skincare products using botanical, organic & natural plant elements. They are an artisan brand involved in manufacturing pure, natural & handcrafted skincare products in the heart of UK. They are based in London and they handcraft there range with precision and passion with all the love for things that are natural and good for our skin & health alike !


Abha Sharma

As the Founder & also the Formulator at TOSé Apothecary- for me, It is a way of bringing people closer to nature and make them experience the power & purity of nature’s true sources of life. I love what I am doing because with our range, we promote natural and holistic living as this is what we truly believe to be the way of life. I absolutely love making new potions for keeping the skin healthy. This is not only a source of creativity for me, but also a source of bringing more natural options for people to go high on holistic living. It gives me unprecedented joy and satisfaction to be formulating absolutely 100% pure and botanical products.


A few years back a friend of mine suffered from a serious ailment due to which the skin on her body grew very scaly and rough. Because I was very concerned for her and wanted to help her in my own innocent ways – I made this friend a few natural body products to help her detoxify and heal the skin. I formulated a detoxifying scrub and a nourishing body oil – These two products are now my signature products as ‘French Clay & Lemongrass Detoxifying Body Scrub’  & ‘Ylang Ylang & Macadamia Body Oil’. My this one friend was my first client and also an inspiration to get serious about bringing out a whole natural range. Now a few years fast forward – TOSé Apothecary is helping people give their skin a 100% natural and pure skincare regime.

Nature has been bestowed with ingredients to heal us from the inside and outside alike – why not give our skin the joy of nature and let the beauty get enhanced naturally more beautifully. TOSé Apothecary is ‘For the Beautiful You’.

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