Amy Cooper Ceramics

Amy Cooper is a Cornwall based designer and maker of unique porcelain lighting. She has been making porcelain lighting for over 12 years and has supplied a number of prestigious retailers including The National Trust, House of Fraser and the V&A shop. Furthermore, exhibiting extensively in the UK as well as oversees. The current range of products which she designs and creates are a vast array of seductively translucent lamps and tea light holders to suit every budget.

Amy was inspired by the magical world under the sea, the world under the microscope and the wonderful landscapes at twilight. She addresses the fragility and transience of life and the natural world, through transformative properties of light on porelain.

“I continue to explore a monochromatic spectrum that is created through the use of textures, variation in thickness and diffusion. I am intrigued by the endless variations in nature and the idea of an ongoing evolutionary process of adaptation.”

amy-cooper-ceramics-imagery-collection-04 Lesser-Spotted-Naked-Urchin


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