Bunty Basket Keepsakes

“Clothing can hold so many memories. It’s not only things like bridal gowns, but every day clothes, such as the outfit your baby wore when she came home from hospital, or the collection of concert t-shirts that remind you of all the gigs you went to. Any clothing, in fact, can hold a memory, and I love that I can help people to keep those memories fresh in their minds. The quilts that are the most heart wrenching to create are the memorial quilts, but I’m sure they bring so much comfort to the recipients that it is an absolute honor to make them.”


“I take outgrown baby clothes that parents can’t bare to part with and turn them into beautiful memory quilts and blankets. I also make memorial quilts for people who have lost loved ones. I have been doing this for 3 years.

One of my lovely customers had a beautiful quilt made out of her daughter’s clothes. She messaged me to tell me that her daughter loves the blanket and they sit together with it and her daughter asks her about the different squares on the quilt, and she tells her daughter little stories about them.”


“I love that I can be creative in my work every day, and that each quilt or blanket I make is completely unique. I love seeing the beautiful clothes that people cherish and most of all I love that I can bring happiness and comfort to people.”

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