Cotswold Handmade Soap – Sue Collins

My story started back in December 2010 when I started my business making handmade soap.  The very first stall I had was in my home town and I was so nervous as I had never sold directly to the general public.
This stall went OK and I managed to overcome my nerves and decided to try a few more venues.  Gradually I built up my confidence and the business at which time my husband saw how much fun I was having.  He decided to join me so we started to run two stalls each Saturday.
As the business grew I decided to expand our range so I started to make soya wax candles.  These have been very successful over the years and I still enjoy making them.  Last year I introduced Foaming Bath Soak and Liquid Soap with no SLS or salt and, again, these have been popular as well.5L3A6568_demo
My business has built up so much that I have been able to give up my part-time employed job and concentrate solely on my business.  This has worked very well as my husband is now retired and I am able to work when I wish.
I can truly say I am happy running my business, we get to meet some wonderful people from all over the World and “work” and play are just as enjoyable.
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