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For me, February is a month of birthdays, pancakes, gardening and Valentines day, so of course, this is predominately what my own do lists are centred around.  I get to make handmade presents, and cards, and I love it.  I managed to find last years hand crafted Valentines day card.  I can tell you, a lot of love and effort and glue when into that spectacular creation.  I will have to get my thinking cap on for this years effort. This year I’ve been considering upping my game  – I’ve been talking to Zoe Tant who is an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, who has been helping me look at new materials and a few nifty tools of the trade.  I don’t want to give too much away there, as that’s another future blog altogether 😉

For the most part, this probably isn’t that applicable to you and your crafting business, so I tried to gather some ideas up that might be.


Valentines Day Ideas for you and your craft business

Crafted coat hanger with pink decorated hearts and wooden letters spelling LOVE

Crafted coat hanger with pink decorated hearts and wooden letters spelling LOVE


  • Valentines day is on a Sunday this year, so, to save many from receiving flowers from the garage forecourt, it probably wouldn’t hurt to decorate your craft stand, or website/online shop to get Valentines Day swimming around peoples brains a little earlier, and sprinkle it with a little luurve.  I’m thinking the obviously red and pink heart confetti, cupids, that sort of thing, but as artists and crafters, you are infinitely more imaginative than me, and can put your own Valentines Day spin on the theme for your crafting business.


  • Some, not all, but some men, and women for that matter, need a bit of help with what to buy their loved ones for Valentines Day.  As a means of helping these poor souls out, maybe you could prepare a list of some of your most popular items, at all different price points, making it easy for people to buy their Valentines Day gift from YOUR crafting business, saving them from having trawl the shops.


  • As some of you may have had a January sale of your excess stock, as I suggested last month, I don’t want to swear at you and suggest that you have a Valentines Day sale for your crafting business, but, a bit of bribery couldn’t hurt.  For the purpose of this exercise, maybe we could call it an incentive.  I saw an idea in a magazine some months back, that with every order, you could include some kind of incentive leaflet to include a special offer only available in March.  It’s up to you what this might be….buy one get one free, free gift wrapping, small discount.  Be as creative as you dare.  It doesn’t have to be a money saving incentive, it could just be a little something extra (life the gift wrapping idea).  This might even be a good time to test drive an idea you’ve had, to see if it has legs.


Pancake Day ideas for you and your craft business

Pancakes with red caviar, jam, cream and tea during Shrovetide

Pancakes with red caviar, jam, cream and tea during Shrovetide


I appreciate pancake day doesn’t have a massive impact on many crafting businesses.  It’s one of the remaining few holidays where it hasn’t yet become custom to send a card!  But, so many of us do tend to honour this delicious day.

  • If you make jams, preserves or honey, could you change your advertising slightly to give a nod to pancake day, whether it’s posters, leaflets, something on your website, facebook page, online shop, or however you like to sell.  I’m an old fashioned girl, and I just like lemon and sugar, but I know a lot of people opt for lovely jams and honey.  I even have one chilli head friend who will have anything spicy on it, so, chilli chutney, or well, any kind of chutney for that matter!  Anything to make this special day that extra bit tastey.

As always, I hope you’ve found some of my thoughts interesting.  I’d love to hear some of your comments on this.

Naomi Wallace



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