Craft Business March To Do List

Does your Craft Business need a good Spring Clean?


Finally I’ve managed to sit down and write my March blog.  It’s been a hectic couple of weeks so far, as we’ve been trying to tidy and rejuvenate our website and application form, which gave me the idea, is it time for you to spring clean your craft business?

I don’t know about you, but we find that the daily grind of business means that we struggle to find the time to sit back and look at the details of what we do.  We get so caught up in doing what we do, it’s easy to, one day, look at things, and think, oh dear, things are looking a bit tired.

So what could you do to spring clean your craft business?


Marketing for your Craft Business:

pink prize draw tickets

In my last few blog posts, I’ve sworn at you, at suggested sales to try and offload some older inventory to make room for new stock and new designs.  Well, on a different tack, how about a spring prize draw for old inventory.  We’ve seen on social media that many businesses offer prizes for people who share a certain post.  Everyone’s a winner with this sort of strategy – you manage to clear out some older stock, and you get to spread your name far and wider, opening up new opportunities for new customers and new connections.


Activities for your Craft Business:

Craft workshops

Do you offer workshops for your craft business?  Could now be the time to come up with a new idea for your workshops?  If you still have the contact details for past students who have done workshops with you, why not email them, or send them a personal invite through in the post, letting them know what new activities they offer.  Maybe you could offer a discount to past workshop attendees if they bring a mate (paying full price of course)


Displays for you Craft Business:


Craft Fair Stand


Do you have and display equipment/props that you take to shows with you?  How’s that looking?  How about tablecloths or Silk flower arrangements? Signs or posters?  If they are looking a bit shabby, can you revamp them, or do they just need to be replaced?  Now’s the time, so you can keep your craft stand looking fresh, clean and tidy.

Talk of looking fresh, I think my first attempt on hotcross buns was ok?!

Hotcross buns


What’s on your March to do list for your Craft Business?



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