Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Which level of Public/Products liability cover do I require?

A:  The minimum cover is £1,000,000. Some organisers / venues ask for a higher limit. It is wise to check with the venue / organiser. Otherwise it is your choice and what you feel comfortable with


Q: What is the excess on the Public/Products liability?

A: There is no excess for the Public/Products liability cover under this policy.


Q: Does the liability cover include the USA and Canada?

A: Yes but the cover for these countries is subject to specific limitations due to the extreme Liability legislation.  On the basis that your sales to USA and Canada make up no more than 20% of your total sales, and of that 20%, the sales do not exceed £10,000, cover is included under your policy at no additional cost.  The indemnity limit for sales to USA and Canada is £500,000. Claims brought outside the United Kingdom and Ireland are not covered. The policy covers goods sold, supplied or distributed anywhere in the world, but claims must be brought against you in the United Kingdom or Ireland.


 Q: Is your policy suitable for me as a person who makes hand crafted items?

A: Our scheme is specifically designed for persons who make Hand crafted items and sell their products.


Q: Where does cover apply?

A: On the basis that you operate from or work from home, a workshop or a small craft unit, the policy offers cover wherever you conduct your craft within the UK and EU. You can attend any number of shows / exhibitions / markets etc.  Nor is it limited to specific premises!


Q: Do you offer cover for retail only high street shops?

A: No, you will need a specific policy for retail shop cover.


Q: Does cover include on line sales ?

A:  Yes, the products liability cover applies however you sell the crafted items.


Q: Can I purchase cover on line?

A: Yes! – Via our web site www.craftinsurance.co.uk. Your personal quotation details are sent via an encrypted and secure link. Printed quotations are sent in PDF format by email, with the added availability to access your documentation securely on line


 Q: Can I pay by monthly instalments?

A: Hiscox Underwriting Ltd offer an interest free direct debit facility payable over 12 monthly instalments. You just need to give us a call to set your direct debit set up. This facility however is not available for The Republic of Ireland.


Q: Can payments for renewal of existing policies be made on line?

A: Yes, providing that you pay on or before the renewal date.  You can login to you online account via our website, using your email address and password. Payment can be made by either credit or debit card. We also accept payment by debit / credit card via the telephone or by internet banking transfer (BACS)


Q: I am not a registered business. Can I still apply?

A: Yes! The policy is suitable for private individuals, hobbyists, and those who treat their craft as a business.


Q: Do you offer short period cover i.e. 1 day?

A: We offer a policy for public and products liability to cover you for 5 consecutive days.  The online application only quotes for annual policies, so once you have completed your online quotation, you will need to phone us so that we can confirm the period for your short period policy.


Q: I do not live in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland. Can I still get cover?

A: Regrettably not!  You need to be a resident of the above. We cannot offer cover to non- residents.


Q: Do I need Employers liability cover?

A: If you have people working under your instruction, even if you do not pay them, they can be construed as employees.  If you are a Limited Company, there are legal requirements. If you are NOT the sole share – holder or there is more than one director, then Compulsory Employers Liability under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 will be required.

See http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/hse40.pdf


Q: Can you offer cover for Organising events?

A: No, you will need specific insurance for this type of cover.


Q: We are a membership club / association. Does Member to Member liability apply?

A: Yes, but the cover will apply specifically only whilst attending organised activities of the club, acting as a club.


Q: Are Club members covered if they attend shows or conduct their own business away from activities organised by the club?

A: No the cover applies specifically to club activities. We recommend that members have their own cover for their craft activities.


Q: Can you offer cover for Organising events if we are a Membership club / Association?

A: Yes, but strictly only for exhibitions organised by the club / association specifically to exhibit club members crafted items. Inviting Non Members to exhibit is excluded.


Q: Who do I contact if I need to make a claim under my Policy?

A: Hiscox Claims Team.

The claims team can be contacted during business hours on 0845 213 8899 (please select option one or two as appropriate). You will need to provide your policy number and full details of the claim, including the date, amount and circumstances of loss. It is when you make a claim that you really find out how good your insurer is and Hiscox prides themselves on their fast, efficient and fair claims service.

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What people say

  • I have used Craft Insurance for a number of years now, following a recommendation from a fellow crafter who rated their service very highly. Craft Insurance are friendly, efficient and have a wealth of knowledge in the world of insurance with competative prices. I highly recommend them to my crafting friends

    Aimi Charnell

  • Without your insurance, we could not risk doing shows like this - in fact, the shows wouldn't want us to demonstrate without insurance. The
    £87 gives us peace of mind!

    Jennie Starbuck

Benefits of Craft Insurance

  • Zero Excess on Public and products liability
  • Zero Excess on Employers liability
  • Optional Cover event equipment, stock, materials, moulds and templates available
  • Free cover for teaching and demonstrations
  • Cover is Worldwide (terms apply for USA/Canada)
  • No admin fees for policy amendments
  • Direct Debits available – no additional charges