Grumpy Teds


Not disgruntled rock and rollers but Jacqueline Morris, founder of Grumpy Teds.

It was all inspired by a small very grumpy looking teddy bear I found at a boot fair.  I was designing a range of greetings cards and thought how great a grumpy teddy would look.  Of course this particular bear was copyrighted so I began to make my own mohair bears just to photograph, I then started making bears out of felt.  I wasn’t sure the felt bears would really work but I had that moment of inspiration when I thought how great they would look as an illustration.  Grumpy Teds was born!  I now have a range of t-shirt designs and I’m hoping to bring the t-shirt printing in house, this will allow more flexibility and more importantly keep costs down to my customers.  Keeping my t-shirts affordable to a wider audience is very important.  I still make teddy bears and now have a wide range of bears for sale including making replica bears for people who have lost their precious childhood/adulthood friend.

adult-vgt-brownAfter spending most of my life working for other people, working for myself is fantastic.  You end up working many more hours a week than you did before but every moment is enjoyable, especially when people like what you’ve created.

People have a passion for teddy bears and I was bowled over at one craft fair when a woman rushed up to my stand and said “I’m here for Cedric”.  It turns out that she and her husband had seen one of my bears called Cedric on the website and she had come to the fair just to buy him.  Apparently her husband had already been on the phone checking she had got him.  That someone liked something I had created enough to rush to a craft fair just to buy it still makes me smile.

“If you have a gift to create art in any form, don’t waste it!”

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