Homemade Naturals


This week, we are looking at young entrepreneur Jodie Hession’s business, Homemade Naturals.

“I am a young entrepreneur who handcrafts DIY natural beauty craft kits. The kits contain easy to understand step by step instructions, premeasured ingredients and everything else you need to make your own natural beauty products. The range includes ‘make your own’ nourishing mango lip balms, relaxing lavender bath melts and rose himalayan salt scrub. They are all 100% natural, eco friendly and cruelty-free.    I started my business in my final year at university after securing a small grant and have been running it for just under a year now.”

Many products that people use on their bodies nowadays are full of unnecessary and sometimes irritating synthetic ingredients. Through making and selling my kits, I love helping
people by educating them about the benefits of natural ingredients and by helping them to live a more natural, eco friendly life. I also love receiving positive feedback and hearing about how delighted someone was by receiving the kit as a present. It makes me proud to think that I produced that – from the initial design to the finished product.hession3

“For craft events, I display all the kit ingredients on bamboo boards for customers to see. Two of the kits use pink himalayan salt and cocoa butter and at almost every event I get someone picking at them both and eating them because they think it’s a cheese taster of some sort! Luckily, they’re natural and safe to eat!”

“I think it’s important for us crafters and business people in general to consider sustainability in our processes. Businesses have the unique opportunity to change consumer behaviour. Simply ask yourself, what sort of impact am I making socially and environmentally? And then work from there! It doesn’t have to be something massive. It could be using recycled paper, donating a small percentage of your profits to charity or minimising the waste you produce by reusing it in creative ways. Many customers are now preferring to buy from more sustainable businesses, so you could end up with more customers whilst also doing your bit for the planet. Win win!”



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