It’s a stitch up


The Stitch Society* have been producing elegant aprons for 12 months, each apron is carefully designed for comfort and practicality, paying special attention to the shape and style of their aprons, they then choose beautiful, sturdy fabrics to ensure they hang well.  They have a strong brand image based on quality, timeless, intelligent products and the quality of their products encourages repeat purchasing from a range of Stitch Society* products which are desirable and collectable.

“We love all our products and it’s a real delight when a new range comes in after months of designing, tweaking and packaging. We also love when customers come back and buy another apron, just because they love our designs.”

Founder, Charlotte Meek told us, “The best advice that I have ever taken on board was given by Doug Richards, one of the original Dragons from Dragon’s Den – he said that if you have the opportunity to outsource something to someone who can do it better, then do. I outsource all my Admin and Accounts and it’s done in half the time and much, much better than I ever could! It has saved me time and money over the last year or so.”

“We are testament to the fact that it is never too late to start your business – all you need is a passion for what you do, take a pride in what you do and to do it better than anyone else.”

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