Knitting – The first of many hobbies for 2016

Knitting Project

My New Knitting Project


I wanted to take a moment to share with you the news of my new knitting hobby.  Well, I probably wouldn’t call it a hobby just yet – at the moment, it’s mainly just frustrating and wrinkle inducing, but, I have now taken those first crucial steps to actually learn. Having had some pointers from Countess Ablaze and Story Skeins I felt ready to go down the knitting rabbit hole.

On Saturday, a good friend sat down with me to have a look at my chosen knitting pattern, and help me with my knitting needle and wool selection.  I had picked out a fabulous pattern for a shawl from a book, that I was very excited about making, and had set myself the deadline of May.  My pattern was immediately discarded by my friend…apparently the pattern was a bit too advanced for me. My logic of starting with a pattern for intermediate knitters, so that by the end of the project, I would be amazing, was not sound.

So, I had to start with knitting squares.  My shoulders probably sunk a good few inches at being told this. Squares!?  I don’t want to start with squares, I want to make something cool! I thought to myself.  I tried to haggle and negotiate – what about a bobble hat? No!  What about a snuggly blanket?  No! What about socks or gloves?  No No No!!!!

Ok, so squares it was.  ‘Can you cast on?’ my friend asked.  Eeeerrrrrrr, nope, was my answer.  My friend cast 20 stitches for me, onto my size 4mm knitting needle. She then proceeded to show me the knit stitch, and then again, and then again.  Have you got that? She asked.  I could barely hear her as my brain was slowly dribbling out of my ear with concentration. Could you show me much much more slowly please?  I finally started to grasp what I needed to do, and it was my turn to have a go.  I think it’s safe to say, that holding a couple of knitting needles does not come naturally to everyone.  If you’ve ever seen a toddler awkwardly shovelling dinner into it’s face with a fork and spoon…that’s probably not dissimilar to how I looked trying to operate my new sticks.  But I persevered.  After completing two lines of very wibbley knitting, I gave up with holding the right needle in my hand, and found it easier to hold that one between my knees, and do most of the donkey work with the left needle.

I think it was around this point that my stitches became so tight, that I could barely move them up and down the needle, let alone knit with them.  Two hours in, and I was noticeably worse at knitting, than I had been an hour ago, although now, upon reflection, I was holding the wool so tightly, my knuckles were white.  Must work on that tension I think.

I was given some homework to get me ready for my next lesson.  Not only did I have to practice the very basic knit stitch, until I was kind of ok at it, my friend had also started off another couple of knitting needles for me, with a few lines of knit 3 purl 3, so that the overall effect was ribbed.  I have to confess, I haven’t even started that bit of homework yet.  I’m still working on the basics.  So, all in all, it was been a COMPLETE surprise to me, that, despite having never ever picked up a pair of knitting needles in my 30+ years, I am NOT a natural, and it’s a LOT harder than it looks.

Look forward to giving you an update on this knitting saga soon,

Naomi xx



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