Norfolk Log Planters


We recently talked to Simon Stephens of Norfolk Log Planters about his business and what motivates him to get up in the mornings!

“I handmake garden planters, garden features and craft items from trees and logs and i’ve been trading for 18 months now”

I enjoy seeing the final piece and the pride that I get knowing that I have made it from scratch. This is enhanced when I see people physically stop as they walk past me at shows and are drawn to look closer at the logs. I love hearing their comments and seeing them admire the work – especially when they touch the wood and comment favourably as to how nice they are.

My most unusual piece was a five foot long 15 inch diameter log that I hollowed out and sealed making it watertight. It was used at a wedding as a beer cooler – filled with water , ice and over 100 bottles of lager!

I believe I am the only person hand making the planters in the uk, I have won awards at regional shows and have featured in my local press. I have sent planters as far afield as Northern Ireland and the Shetlands.

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