What is public and products liability?

public and products liability for craft fairs


Why do I need public and products liability if the organisers have it?

When you book onto a craft fair or market, the organisers will often want to see proof of your public and products liability insurance.

This can cause a lot of confusion. Many people think that because the organisers have public liability cover, that will automatically extend to cover the stall holders.  This is not always the case.

Craft Fair organisers have insurance, because they are responsible for the over all event. If a member of the public has an accident by falling over something that is in the way, or slips on a wet patch, in a general area for everyone to walk, and they are injured, they may claim against the organiser.

But, if an injury or incident occurs as a result of something YOU have done, it won’t fall down to the organiser to pick up the tab, if the claim is being made against you.

What is Public Liability?

Hiscox, who underwrite our scheme, have made a short video which you can see by clicking here.

Public liability covers you for any accidents or incidents that you cause, that either injure a third party, or damage their property, when they make a claim against you.

For example, if whilst setting up your display on your stall at a craft fair,  you accidentally trip someone up, poke them in the eye, collapse your stand on them (hopefully not all at once), or damage another stallholders property, if they try to sue you for damages, you will be covered by public liability.

What is Products Liability

Products liability covers damage that your product may cause to a third party, or their property.

For example, if you are a soap maker, and a customer purchases a bar of soap from you, which then brings them out in spots and blisters, or stains their sink at home, and they try and make a claim, this is covered by your products liability.

If we had a penny for every time we heard a phrase along the lines of ‘Why do I need public and products liability – I make cards, what sort of injury is that likely to cause!?’ Well, we’d have a lot of pennies! Although it may seem that what you have made may not seem likely to cause any damage or injuries, you might. If someone does want to make a claim, because they’ve had to take six months off work due to their injuries, public and products liability insurance means that you won’t have to find the money to pay out, yourself.



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