QJS Marquetry

Quentin Smith is a prmier Marquetarian and has been into the hand-crafted marquetry for 7 years self-employed, as well as a hobby.

Working with wood in a precise way, Quentin discusses projects with clients and delivers quality items that will become family heirlooms.


“I’ve made items from a small as a pair of earrings to the marquetry for a 32-foot desk for a major leisure centre.  I’ve appeared on craft TV (and also on Blue Peter as a lad – but that doesn’t count here) and made the marquetry for a snare drum presented to Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden and a box to be presented to Alex Salmond.  I never know what’s going to turn up next!”

I was aware of marquetry from an early age, as my father made several pieces in the 1960s – this is his second picture. However it wasn’t until my wife bought me a commercial kit in 1987 that I first put knife to veneer.

The newly formed Thurrock Marquetry Group were recruiting for members and I joined them, and the Marquetry Society. I received a great deal of help and encouragement, especially from the late Ernie Maxey and Ron Gibbons. Little did I know then that in 2011 I would end up succeeding Ernie as President of the Society!

In 1995 a job relocation brought me to Staffordshire and I displayed a selection of my work at the local horticultural show. There was sufficient interest to form the Staffordshire Marquetry Group, which I am pleased to say continues to grow and flourish.

Finally, in early 2009 a combination of redundancy and the economic recession proved enough of an incentive to try self-employment making marquetry … QJS Marquetry was born!



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