Room For Change


Teaching adults and children the joys of hand-made arts and crafts, while using recycled materials and items to create such magnificent creations? This is what makes Room For Change truly great. It is owned and run by Marjolein Trewavas.

Marjolein plays a big part in “Giving back to the community” in which she gives many Art and Craft workshop sessions to people of all ages and in schools. She also creates many different and unique creations and sells them through craft fairs and shops. As a trained Textile Designer, she has become a big success in her business, owning her own studio back in Easter 2015, as well as taking part in Buckinghamshire open studios in June each year.


We caught up with Marjolein and she told us she loves creating wonderful things with the children who take part in her workshops, as not only does it give them experience but you can see how their confidence grows. This isn’t just a workshop, it’s a place where children as well as adults can come together, build friendships, create some spectacular designs and take home something to be proud of.

However it may not be for everyone which is completely understandable, as Marjolein explains in this short encounter that she has had in the past; “I upcycle so I re-use items. I make for instance wind chimes from vintage silver teapots and hang cutlery underneath. It is of course not to everyones taste. Once when I had my Studio open for Buckinghamshire open studios a couple came in and the Lady immediately said ” This is not me, this is soo not me” and proceeded to walk around and say it loudly over and over again. I said that it would of course not be to everyones taste but that that was fine. And could she maybe write in the visitors book. She flounced out however saying again ” this is soo not me” followed by her very apologetic Husband! Oh well!”

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