The Crochetty Cow and Udder Things

What do you do?

I am mainly a passionate crocheter especially when it comes to cotton.  My main love is in crocheted Christmas Decorations, Throws and Blankets although I do delve into doilies, baby clothes and other little things like Hair Clips, earrings, little stuffed toys.  Really whatever I fancy doing at the time.  I have been crocheting, knitting and embroidering since I was a 4 year old, and now this year I reach 60.  I have just started a BA Degree course in textiles to take this love even further.


I believe it is a tactile craft which allows me to dream as I work.  Also to play with colour and gain inspiration in a fast paced world in now a luxury, and allows me to wind down from mad days.

Any pointers for the newbies out there?

Never leave an error in the work always undo it until you get it perfect, as I would not buy imperfect so why should I expect anyone else to. Nothing is impossible, so long as you have  passion, imagination and the strength to keep going even when knocked back.  You can achieve everything you wish for.


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