There’s no avoiding the ‘C’ word


With Christmas a mere 97 days away (not that we’re counting or anything) and the shops stocking mince pies already it’s time for craftspeople to prepare for the busiest time of the year.

Where can I sell my goods ?

Craft fairs are very big in the autumn and people with often look for goods to give as gifts so bear that in mind when you display your products. Offer a gift-wrapping service and perhaps arrange for goods to be delivered with a gift message. Small details make the difference between a sale and a no-sale.

If you want to sell online, then there are plenty of websites that allow craftspeople to sell their goods through a portal with other designers. Good examples include and also Easy. On the plus side, they do all the hard work in terms of optimisation and handling credit card processing. On the downside they do take a fair old whack: up to 25%.

Those who are fortunate enough to run their own sites should be preparing email newsletters to go out to previous buyers. They are your best customers and looking for deals so remember to include a coupon code or two.

And make sure you are aware of when the last postal dates are before the big shut down.

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