Time to recycle or upcycle


At this time of year when we are surrounded by unwanted leftovers from the festive season why not recycle or upcycle them like Richard Cowling of enRoot Creations ?

“I up-cycle materials that had otherwise been destined for landfill. Mainly working with pallet wood I make anything, for example: Tables, Beds, Cupboards, Storage Solutions, Sheds, Dining Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Lounging Chairs, Pop Up Bars, Cladding, Hen houses, Book Cases, Planters, Cabinets, Recycling Centers, Wood Stores, Benches, Pallet Wall Art Work, Play Equipment, the list is endless! I have been trading for around eighteen months now.”

“I love everything about my business. It is an ethical solution to fulfilling demand by re-purposing materials instead of producing new. I love the variation of work, inventing/designing, meeting new people and building good customer relations with existing clients, my workshop, working with my wife, the freedom of being my own boss, working seven days a week (because it really doesn’t feel like work)!”

“Everyone should get a chance to professionally do something that they have a passion for, and are good at what they do!”


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