Wheelchair Woodturning And Carving – Issac Curran

What do you do?

Taking a daft lump of wood and creating something that people like. I then tell the guys that until something is entirely finished just think of it as a daft lump of wood.  That way if you make a major mistake it’s no big thing! My Workshop is completely Wheelchair friendly.  The concept of WW is to set up a workshop and organisation that can help and advise other people who are disabled or have limitations, whatever they are as well as able bodied folk who want to learn a new skill and get involved.Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 09.56.28

Wheelchair Woodturners has always wanted to stand on its own two wheels (or four or legs) to achieve this we must sell our work.  ALL of the money raised goes back into the workshop or is used to outreach to other folk or communities.

There are various way that we raise funds.  The first is that we are lucky enough to organise our own little Craft Fair in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, this has now been going for about three and a half years and is a regular event in the West End of Glasgow.  We have a varied group of crafters and most of them have been with us for some time now. Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 09.56.39

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