Employers’ Liability

If you have a public and products liability policy with us, you can also cover employers’ liability (we cannot offer employers liability cover without the public and products liability cover)

If you have employees, and you do not hold Employers’ Liability cover, you may be in breach of legal requirements.
An employee isn’t solely classed as someone where you are responsible for their tax and national insurance contributions. If you have volunteers, assistants, helpers or work experience students, paid or unpaid, full time or part time, who are working under your supervision, direction or control, they could be deemed employees.
Limited companies that have two or more directors require compulsory Employers’ Liability cover, regardless of whether they are family businesses, or the directors are husband and wife.

  • £10 million protection as standard (The legal minimum is £5 million)
  • Covers legal costs and compensation for illness and injury claims made by employees.

How much cover do I need?

The compulsory level of insurance cover you need by law is £5 million. Our policy provides £10 million as standard.

How much does it cost?

When you get a quote, the price will be based on the number of employees/volunteers that you have. Please note that we only offer employers’ liability insurance as an optional add-on to our public liability insurance.

You can enhance your cover with these optional extras:

You can add these optional extras when you apply for our public liability insurance, however please be aware that adding any additional cover will increase your premium.

Business Items

Cover that protects the essential items you need to run your business against loss, damage or theft.

The standard excess is £50 for each and every claim.

For portable electronic equipment or stock incorporating precious metals or gemstones, the excess is £250.

  • Saleable Stock:
    Finished handmade items created and sold by you, or in your care. Please insure at the trade market value.
  • Materials, moulds & templates:
    Raw materials (including work in progress), moulds and templates used to produce your stock. Please insure at the replacement cost to you.
  • Craft tools / equipment:
    Hand tools, machinery and equipment used by you during the creation of your handmade items. Please insure at the replacement cost to you
  • Event Equipment:
    Electronic card readers, stands, tables, stalls and associated equipment other than portable electronic equipment used by you at an event to display and sell your stock. Please insure at the replacement cost to you.
  • Portable Electronic Equipment:
    Portable equipment used by you, including laptops and tablets, mobile phones and smart phones, cameras, video cameras and other media recording devices and accessories. Please insure at the replacement cost as new.

You can insure as much or as little as you wish. The quotations are based directly on the amount you insure, so it’s best not to insure more than you have, otherwise you’ll be paying for extra cover that you don’t need, and can’t claim.  If you have £5,000 of stock, but insure £10,000, if you lost everything, and needed to make a claim, you could only claim for what you had, ie £5,000.




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What people say

  • I have used Craft Insurance for a number of years now, following a recommendation from a fellow crafter who rated their service very highly. Craft Insurance are friendly, efficient and have a wealth of knowledge in the world of insurance with competative prices. I highly recommend them to my crafting friends

    Aimi Charnell

  • Without your insurance, we could not risk doing shows like this - in fact, the shows wouldn't want us to demonstrate without insurance. The
    £87 gives us peace of mind!

    Jennie Starbuck

Benefits of Craft Insurance

  • Zero Excess on Public and products liability
  • Zero Excess on Employers liability
  • Optional Cover event equipment, stock, materials, moulds and templates available
  • Free cover for teaching and demonstrations
  • Cover is Worldwide (terms apply for USA/Canada)
  • No admin fees for policy amendments
  • Direct Debits available – no additional charges