Employers’ Liability

If your craft business or club has any employees or volunteers, they could make a claim against you if they fall ill, or are injured as a result of what they do for you.

Employers’ Liability explained

The cover doesn’t just apply to permanent employees – you could have a claim made against you by self-employed contractors, temporary staff or even volunteers. Having employers’ liability insurance in place means you’re covered if anyone makes a claim against you.

When & Why should I buy Employers’ Liability cover

Whether you are a sole trader, limited company, or a club, if you have employees, and you do not hold Employers’ Liability cover, you may be in breach of legal requirements.

Limited companies that have employees and/or more than one director require compulsory Employers’ Liability cover, regardless of whether they are family businesses, or the directors are husband and wife.

The term Employees includes volunteers, assistants, helpers or work experience students, paid or unpaid, full time or part time, who are working under your supervision, direction or control,

What’s included in the Craft Insurance Employers’ Liability cover?

  • £10 million protection as standard (The legal minimum is £5 million)
  • Covers legal costs and compensation for illness and injury claims made by employees.
  • The price will be based on the number of employees/volunteers that you have. 
  • There is zero excess on Employers’ Liability

Employers’ Liability FAQ’s

Read our FAQs of common questions about employers’  liability insurance to find answers to questions you may have.