Month: August 2023

Here you can find all the important story updates that we’d like to share with you, from the latest policy updates, current Affairs, craft events and general craft musings. But most importantly, we like to let our crafters take centre stage, so here are some of their stories.

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Learning from history to predict the future

Posted on 31/08/2023 Tips for Crafters
What would you give to be able to see into the future? Or, maybe, what would you give to slow down the pace of time? …

The Details and Power of Data

Posted on 24/08/2023 Tips for Crafters
For any business to succeed it needs to have a thoroughly constructed business marketing plan. This business plan must be developed with key data analysis …

How to get people to fall in love with your brand

Posted on 17/08/2023 Tips for Crafters
What’s there not to love about crafted products which are of high quality, locally made and totally unique? Knowing that someone has poured their heart and …

Stitching Together the Complexities of Your Audience

Posted on 10/08/2023 Tips for Crafters
Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? Maybe as a child? If so, you’ll recall that as you peep through the eye hole into its …