Monthly Archives: February 2018


DancingGoatCrafts I’m just a girl who can’t sit still… I grew up around amazingly skilled women who knitted, sewed and crocheted; thankfully they taught me the basics. As I got older, my Auntie Phyll enrolled me on a beginners patchwork course with her and we were off! I’ve enjoyed learning all my life and thankfully, […]

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An interview with Rachel Rankin-Hayward aka Dr Raygun

Rachel is a ceramicist, potter, classically trained musician and master of steel pan playing. One of the reasons that she began learning and practicing with ceramics is because she gained a connection with it – Something she never really had with music. Music is a performance art whereas being able to create an object, you […]

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Anniefred “Each of my textile pieces is completely unique and all the parts that make up the whole are hand-made by me. I am excited by the use of colour and the unexpected results that I get when hand-colouring fabrics. I use various colouring techniques which include break-down printing, mono printing, various discharge techiniques as […]

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