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It’s good to chat, even when it’s about trade public liability insurance!

Posted on 16/11/2023 Insurance | Tips for Crafters
“Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages you to be brave and true” Charles Dickens. Dickens …

Ideas for Christmas Parties and Christmas Party Insurance

Posted on 09/11/2023 Fairs and Events | Insurance | Tips for Crafters
Christmas is coming! Whether you dive into the full-on multi-sensory experience of tinsel, lights and jolly songs, whether you prefer a more muted run-up of evergreens, gingerbread …

What is product liability insurance and why might I need it when sourcing sustainable materials?

Posted on 02/11/2023 Insurance
It’s fun to wonder what might be a crafter’s idea of an Aladdin’s cave. Might it be a treasure trove of glittery gems, colourful beads, sparkling …

Do you Need Public Liability Insurance for a Craft Stall?

Posted on 30/06/2022 Insurance
You may be reading this as a veteran craft fair exhibitor with a wonderful collection of memories, experience and advice to give to those just …