Month: July 2023

Here you can find all the important story updates that we’d like to share with you, from the latest policy updates, current Affairs, craft events and general craft musings. But most importantly, we like to let our crafters take centre stage, so here are some of their stories.

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Careers in Crafts

Posted on 27/07/2023 Tips for Crafters
Careers in Craft (how a young person could make it their job) Working in the craft industry is an incredibly rewarding role. Not only do you …

The D of E and Arts and Crafts

Posted on 20/07/2023 Tips for Crafters
For any countryside dwellers amongst our readers, the picture of a group of teenagers, slightly cowed under enormous rucksacks, huddled around a map or trudging …

Get Ahead and Prepare for Christmas Early

Posted on 13/07/2023 Tips for Crafters
Although it may seem very strange, considering we have just finished one of the hottest Junes on record in the UK, anyone working in the …

Tips for Craft Festivals

Posted on 06/07/2023 Fairs and Events
Craft festivals represent one of the best opportunities for crafters to get their work seen and sold to the public. There are many crafters out …