Monthly Archives: February 2017

Craft Insurance – Katie Brown

Stripykat’s founder, designer and maker Katie Brown, has a strong design-lead background.  After graduating in Textile & Fashion Design Katie went on to work in retail buying and interior and product design. Stripykat products are all unique and the collection is kept fresh as Katie buys only small quantities of fabric; cottons from Japan, America […]

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Jude Riley – Jude Riley Marbling

I was brought up in rural Derbyshire and developed a love of craft at an early age. Both of my grandmothers were skilled needlewomen and adept at what today would be called ‘upcycling’. Life, however, took a very different course. I trained as a scientist and after my Ph.D. at the University of Nottingham, I […]

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Liz Keeling – Les Belles Cerises

Where did Les Belles Cerises come from? Well, the shop got its name from a trip to France a couple of years ago when Liz was just starting to sell online – sitting on a covered patio, with the rain falling, playing with buttons and wires to make shapes and eating the local fantastic cherries […]

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