Month: April 2023

Here you can find all the important story updates that we’d like to share with you, from the latest policy updates, current Affairs, craft events and general craft musings. But most importantly, we like to let our crafters take centre stage, so here are some of their stories.

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May Day Traditions and the UK Crafter

Posted on 27/04/2023 Tips for Crafters
The traditional spring May Day festivities bring with them the chance for some great trading opportunities for anyone interested in crafts. After the long and …

Wildflowers and Watercolours

Posted on 20/04/2023 Tips for Crafters
There can be little else so evocative of balmy summer days, carefree and simple living, and a bygone rural way of life, than a summer …

The Night Sky in Spring

Posted on 13/04/2023 Tips for Crafters
I heard some rather unusual news lately that Hawnby in North Yorkshire has become the first village in England to swap its streetlights and more …

Earth Day

Posted on 06/04/2023 Tips for Crafters
Earth day is celebrated this year on April 22. It has captured the imagination of millions, and has gained support from a network of international …