Month: June 2022

Here you can find all the important story updates that we’d like to share with you, from the latest policy updates, current Affairs, craft events and general craft musings. But most importantly, we like to let our crafters take centre stage, so here are some of their stories.

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Do you Need Public Liability Insurance for a Craft Stall?

Posted on 30/06/2022 Insurance
You may be reading this as a veteran craft fair exhibitor with a wonderful collection of memories, experience and advice to give to those just …

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers

Posted on 23/06/2022 Tips for Crafters
We all know that sinking feeling when we meet with someone who is disappointed in us, disagrees with us, or is just plain disagreeable. Within …

What is the law for selling handmade items in the UK?

Posted on 16/06/2022 Insurance
A question I have been asked on many occasions is, “What is the law for selling handmade items in the UK?” Simply Business reported that starting …

How to get your products spotted online using social media.

Posted on 09/06/2022 Tips for Crafters
We always thought at Craft Insurance that business should remain just that and our private lives should remain private. However, over the last year we …