Ideas for Christmas Parties and Christmas Party Insurance

Posted 09/11/2023 in Fairs and Events | Insurance | Tips for Crafters

Christmas is coming! Whether you dive into the full-on multi-sensory experience of tinsel, lights and jolly songs, whether you prefer a more muted run-up of evergreens, gingerbread houses and carols sung by choirs, or whether you actively try to raise anticipation by marking Advent as a season of waiting and preparation for Christmastide to follow, we cannot but be bombarded by Christmas preparations all around us. Here at Craft Insurance, we are big fans of Christmas. As a family-run business, an opportunity for all those we love to gather around the table and enjoy good food, recount the joys and challenges of the previous year, exchange gifts and share laughter is one we anticipate with delight.

As crafters, it is also one of the high marketing moments of the year, which brings with it both great opportunities and the potential for rising stress levels. How can you maximise this fantastic sales opportunity while still keeping time for your own Christmas preparations? One answer might be to get on board the growing trend of craft parties.  Christmas workshops or craft parties have been quietly growing in popularity over the past few years, and are hosted across the land, by large national organisations like the National Trust, by thriving craft party businesses and by local or individual craft hubs. They offer a wonderful alternative to over-indulgent office parties, a fun pre-Christmas event at which friends can gather and even a space for over-excited children to focus on learning a new skill.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the crafting skill which takes centre stage at your workshop or party; most crafts can be adapted to this setting. Wreath-making workshops are possibly the most widely available, but candle-making lends itself well to the festive season, or perhaps painting some ceramic tea light candle holders. Creating Christmas decorations using a wide range of materials from ceramics to paper origami, designing Christmas cards with lino printing, watercolours or botanicals, or constructing an evergreen Christmas garland would all make wonderful occupations for a Christmas craft party. Felting, weaving and crotcheting can all be adapted around a Christmas theme to create a variety of cards and decorations.  Taking it a step further, kiln-formed glass techniques can be taught, fashioning decorations such as glass Christmas trees to take home. Who could resist an afternoon of warmth, chatter and friendship while learning a new skill and coming away with a beautifully packaged Christmas gift, a stack of cards which will bring delight to friends and family or a set of decorations with memories of a cosy, enchanting afternoon spent with friends?

Craft workshops and parties not only provide a wholesome alternative to the annual office party, but they will also offer an oasis of time for friends and family members to connect in the midst of a busy season. As a family-run business, we at Craft Insurers are passionate about the importance of community; of real-life connections, friendships and communication. We have said it before, but it is worth reiterating; crafters have an ideal vehicle for bringing people together as you share your craft in an atmosphere where there is space for everyone, where warm drinks and conversation flow and good memories are made.

We hope we have inspired you to take a look at the potential of holding Christmas workshops or parties, but what now are the practicalities you need to consider? Firstly, make sure you charge a fee which not only covers costs and reflects not only your time and skill, but also the added value of community and mental well-being the time will proffer. On one hand, this is something on which a price cannot be placed, but in our fast-paced world where we arguably don’t have enough time to simply be with others, a space such as this will do your customers’ mental health untold good.

You will need to find an appropriate space in which to hold your gatherings. Maybe in a local Arts Quarter, Arts Hub, village hall or community centre. As you seek out a venue, you too will be making connections. It may be you could join with a fellow crafter to offer an event with a blend of skills; if you usually work alone, this could bring a sense of teamwork into your working days.

An important factor to consider is what type of party insurance UK you will require. Party insurance UK is not a legal requirement, but is strongly recommended for a workshop or party as we have described. As your circumstances, your business and the type of gathering you are planning will be completely unique, it would be best to get a bespoke package, tailored around your individual requirements. This is where we, as a small family business can ensure you get the best possible deal as we listen to and assess your insurance needs. Depending on your plans, you may require any one of public liability insurance, equipment insurance, employer’s liability or a one-off party insurance. It’s not as complicated as it sounds; a simple phone call will point you in the right direction and as your mind is put to rest over any potential problems which may occur, you will instead be able to focus your full attention and creativity on planning a fantastic workshop or party. Drop us a line or pick up the phone and either Naomi or Sam will be here to talk you through the best party insurance UK option for you.

As the Christmas season approaches in full swing, we wish you every success as you share your craft and talents with others at fun, festive events!