Posted 24/02/2018 in Tips for Crafters

I’m just a girl who can’t sit still…

I grew up around amazingly skilled women who knitted, sewed and crocheted; thankfully they taught me the basics. As I got older, my Auntie Phyll enrolled me on a beginners patchwork course with her and we were off!

I’ve enjoyed learning all my life and thankfully, in crafting, you never stop learning; there is always another technique or craft to be tried and improved. Though my Aunt has sadly passed, I have a lot of friends who enjoy making costume, patch-working, crocheting and knitting and her voice, along with the oft repeated rustic wisdom of my Grandmother ring in our ears as we work.

Learning new crafts has allowed me to see projects from unspun wool through to woven and crafted complete items. Starting from as early in the process as possible is something I have always found fascinating. It allows me to know exactly where and how materials are sourced and how they are prepared. It also gives me the opportunity to lower the miles associated with a final product. If there’s anything you would like to know about what I do or the processes I use, just ask – it will give my husband a break from having to listen to me witter about my crafts!

If only there were more time to sit and craft…. 

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