An interview with Rachel Rankin-Hayward aka Dr Raygun

Posted 19/02/2018 in Tips for Crafters

Rachel is a ceramicist, potter, classically trained musician and master of steel pan playing. One of the reasons that she began learning and practicing with ceramics is because she gained a connection with it – Something she never really had with music. Music is a performance art whereas being able to create an object, you can play around with it until your happy with it and it is a lot less stressful. She has been working with ceramics for about 2 years and has been using various different aspects of life to inspire her.

Rachel often suffers from insomnia and it is during these times, when she is laying in bed or day dreaming, that she comes up with most of her ideas for pots. Coming up with ideas can be quite tricky as she really wanted to create things that nobody had done before.

Check out the full interview below!