Christmas Quiz

Posted 15/12/2022 in Tips for Crafters

Welcome to this special Craft Insurance Christmas edition of our Crafters blog, in which we’ve put together our best Craft Insurance Christmas quiz for you, with a crafty twist! This is a busy time for all of us, and especially when you own a craft business, as you work flat out to meet your online orders, prepare and attend craft markets, obviously with the best craft insurance in place, and somewhere in between try to pull together your own Christmas preparations. We hope that in the midst of it all, maybe as the whirl settles down between Christmas and New Year, you might find time to make yourself a hot cup of tea, grab a treat to eat and settle down with the puzzle. Or, maybe you could use it as family entertainment, around the dinner table or for a cosy evening of games in front of the fire while the Christmas tree lights twinkle their festive cheeriness.

There are eighteen crafty questions; some you will know or can guess, some you will probably have to look up. Don’t worry if you have to check Google for the answers, at least you’ll come away with a few new fun facts which might come in useful at your next pub quiz!

Make a note of the first letter of each answer, as these will make up the winning phrase. You will need to unscramble them to make up three words. A clue; these could be a motto for our company. Happy puzzling and a very merry and peaceful Christmas to you! We wish you all the best from Craft Insurance.


1) What is the name of the German city which hosted one of the earliest Christmas markets?

2) What is the name of the city in the South West England which hosts a yearly Christmas market against the background of its gorgeous Georgian architecture?

3) The origin of the Christmas market is thought to be the “Dezembermarkt”, a winter market held in Vienna to allow the townsfolk to stock up on foods for the long winter ahead. The right to hold this market was granted to shopkeepers by a certain Emperor. What was his name? (You’ll have to Google this one!)

4)Franz Skarbina was a German artist. Look up his painting titled “Christmas Market in Berlin” (1892). How many trees are on the left of the scene? If you like this painting, take a look at “Berlin boy from the Christmas market” and “Christmas Market”.

5) In Finland, traditional lanterns are crafted from which natural material each Christmas?

6) What is the delicious sweet egg bread with candied fruit which originates from Saxony? It dates back to the fifteenth century and was given as a Christmas present.

7) What are the yellow buns called which are eaten in Sweden at Christmas time?

8) What is the traditional pudding eaten at Christmas time in Denmark?

9) Not quite a Christmas question, but related! What is the sauce which accompanies the turkey at Thanksgiving? We also eat it at Christmas time!

10) Our own Christmas pudding dates back to medieval times when it was more of a savoury pottage. Over the years more sweet fruits were added and by the Victorian era it looked much like the pudding we know and love today. Recipes use a variety of dried fruit, but they all have either sultanas, currants or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

11) What is the season which directly precedes Christmas? In the Anglican Church it starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas? We open calendars to count down the days during this time.

12) Another one on the church theme. What is the name of the twelfth day after Christmas? In Mexico this is called Three Kings Day, and is also known as Twelfth Night.

13) What was the name of the underpaid clerk in Dickens’s “Christmas Carol”? (Looking for his surname).

14) Tchaikovsky wrote three famous ballets. One of them is often performed at Christmas time as it begins with a scene in which Uncle Drosselmeya presents Clara with a gift of the same name as the ballet.

15) Another literary one… What is the first word of the first line of the famous poem by Clarke Moore, written in 1822 telling of the exploits of Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve?

16) Onto some movies. What’s the name of the 2003 movie starring Will Ferrell, about one of Santa’s helpers who heads to New York to look for his father?

17) Movies one, two and three have this one word as their title. It’s also the original reason Christmas is celebrated, and includes Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

18) You might have a Christmas kiss _ _ _ _ _ the mistletoe.


  1. Frankfurt
  2. Bath
  3. Albrecht
  4. Two
  5. Ice
  6. Stollen
  7. Saffron
  8. Rice pudding
  9. Cranberry
  10. Raisins
  11. Advent
  12. Epiphany
  13. Cratchit
  14. Nutcracker
  15. T’was
  16. Elf
  17. Nativity
  18. Under

Hidden phrase: best craft insurance