Digital Craft Market by Craft Insurance

Posted 22/04/2020 in Fairs and Events

When: Sunday 26th April 10.30am

Where: Instagram @ianwwallaceltd and @digitalcraftmarket

Ticket Cost: FREE

I will be introducing our first ever digital craft market from Instagram @ianwwallaceltd and sharing gorgeous pictures, videos and links to online shops, and also saving everything to @digitalcraftmarket as I go.

Birthday presents to buy? Fathers day gifts? Dare I say it, want to get really ahead with your Christmas shopping? Really sorry for using the C word there, but really, lockdown is making everyone think about doing things slightly differently from how they have in the past, and I know I’d be proud to support small independent retailers during these strange, strange times.

This next bit is extremely important, so please pay close attention. The first rule of Digital Craft Market club is, DO talk about Digital Craft Market club. Please don’t keep the market a secret, share this with any of your friends on social media or email.

When you share the event, please ensure that you use @ianwwallaceltd and @digitalcraftmarket and please also use the hashtag #digitalcraftmarket.  It’s really important to do that to make sure as many people as possible can find the event by searching on Instagram.

Best of all – you can do your shopping in your jim jams, eating your toast and marmite, and your feet won’t hurt.

Can’t wait to see you there.


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