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Posted 05/01/2023 in Tips for Crafters

We’ve all heard catchphrases for this time of year many times: “Your biggest year yet…” or “New year, new you…” which can either excite and inspire us or intimidate and freeze us into inaction!

We decided to put together 23 exciting, inspirational, (hopefully  not at all intimidating) ideas around how and where to sell handmade crafts in the UK and beyond and help set your creativity free in 2023…

1. Build an online community using Facebook.

It becomes your very own tribe in which to thrive. Rather than searching the internet for ‘where to sell handmade crafts UK’, think about what unifies your audience and then serve their needs via the group.

2. Leading from the heart is how you start.

Do that thing that excites you as a ‘side hustle’. That way you can test what works and what doesn’t. Creativity works best when you’re not under pressure.

3. Give value to your community.

If you are concerned about giving away knowledge for free, there’s no need to worry. Just keep learning, experimenting and discovering! There’ll always be someone following in your wake, needing a helping hand. Help to create empathy by reviewing your life experience and create a link between that and business.

4. Tell your story.

Your story is unique, even though your product might not be. So many people try and reinvent the wheel when in order to be original all they need to do is tell their story to capture their audience’s interest.

5. Think ‘show’ rather than ‘sell’.

Turn to the people who have bought from you. Get them to share their experiences with reviews and videos for your group. Videos help tell the truth and truth gets traction.

6. Collections keep attention.

Taking products and grouping them as limited editions make them worth more. From fine art to figurines, investors know the power of the ‘collective’ approach. Take an original piece of art and then create a set of limited prints. If Banksy can do it, you can too! We all have to start somewhere.

7. Product placement starts where you live.

The greatest studio you have is your home, so why not start sharing your work in its place? Whether it’s a family photo or a product shoot, start at home, because ultimately, a home is where the products that people buy will be housed.

8. Go LIVE for 5.

Give people 5 tips about your product. These could cover keeping it clean, boxing it, or even the best way to frame it. Use video to give simple tips for the top.

9. Themes and seasons are so important to us all.

The fashion industry have colours and seasons, so we in the crafting business can think the same way. The best brands and marketers in the world bring accepted strategies from one industry to another. Craft is no different.

10. Give something away.

Who do you know who would benefit from what you do? Maybe it’s a charity or a local school. Givers gain attention by impacting the community around them.

11. Location, location, location.

Go to a great location and take a shot of your product. I immediately think of Castle Coombe in the Cotswolds which is famous for its fantastic setting. Use images that combine a great location with your product then use the hashtag and location in posts. It will get you noticed.

12. Double up.

Find a brand or another crafter you love and share the love. Offer an incentive to your audience to buy from you both, such as a discount or another free item! Help each other by giving each other exposure. Rather than compete with each other, complete each other!

13. Email your buyers and thank them for buying.

If you offer to email them a receipt when they purchase from you it’s an open door to further conversation and a chance to say thank you for their business. Just be nice. Remember, it’s the last thing you said that you will be remembered for.

14. Network online.

Hundreds of networks have sprung up over the last few years. Invest in a network and it will increase your net worth. Talking to strangers isn’t scary.

15. Words create worlds.

So get used to talking about why you started, loads. From social posts to blogs and even a few podcasts! Comfortable never wins. Start talking about why you do it, as much as how and what you do.

16. Get fans rather than followers.

Fans buy from you. Simple. The size of your following is not the size of your business. They need to buy into you. They might not spend all the time BUT they can tell someone else about you! Reward those people!

17. Mix the medium.

Lately, there seem to be more and more artists who have realised that their work can translate onto high street fashion. Could your cushions become a jacket? Or you picture, wallpaper? You have the product, but what else could work?

18. Get chat on your website.

You can even link WhatsApp. Be available and when you’re not, add an email address. Chat can change you opportunities x10.

19. Join your audience.

If you’re googling ‘where to sell handmade crafts UK’ then why not join your audience? Find out where they hang out and be there. If they’re at an art launch, go. If they’re on Instagram, comment. Learn how to hang out with the crowd you know you can serve.

20. Replace fear with facts.

Whatever you fear, there are 10 reasons not to worry and things you can do to mitigate the risk of failure. Fear isn’t failure, failure is letting fear win.

21. Ask more.

Just ask. Ask for the sale. Ask for the promo. Ask for advice. Ask for help. Learn to ask and you’ll get answers. If you don’t ask, you only have questions.

22. Dont compare yourself.

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else because everyone has their own unique story. Focus on your story. Compliment others but don’t compare yourself to them. An overnight success takes 10 years at least, so keeps investing in you.

23. Invest wisely.

Your time, talent and treasure are your biggest resources. Spend them on the things that give you peace and turn a side hustle into a business with real muscle for the long term.

Hopefully you are now primed and ready, with a few more ideas  about where to sell your handmade crafts as well as inspired to do great business in the year ahead.

As we continue to support the craft industry with the very best craft insurance, we invite you to join the craft group and ensure that you’re part of building great craft businesses, now and for the future!