Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Posted 01/06/2023 in Tips for Crafters

Father’s Day is soon to be with us again. It’s a great chance to be able to celebrate the Dad in your life and to make sure that he feels special and valued. It’s not always an easy task to pick out what’s the best thing to get for a Dad. There are some quite common choices that people make, but here are a few other options that you might want to think about for this Father’s Day. Whatever you decide to do you might have to get a bit of a move on as Sunday the 18th of June 2023 is the day when it all happens. So here are a few gift ideas for Father’s Day that you can think about before the big day arrives.

Firstly, it’s a very common thought that all Dad wants is socks, beer and maybe a new pair of slippers. Perhaps it’s time to be a bit more creative with your thoughts as to what you can get him. Also, in this day and age, it is not so common for people to drink alcohol as much as they used to. Therefore, you could always consider getting some non-alcoholic versions of his favourite tipple for him. It’s probably time to be a bit more creative than buy him another pair of socks and slippers – he’s probably got enough as it is.

Some of the best gift ideas for Father’s Day could even stem from yourself. Why not focus on making Dad a personal gift? Rather than ordering something, there may be a chance that you could make some crafts yourself. There are plenty of options online where you can create exciting gifts for your Dad with your own personal stamp upon them. This could be sewing him a jumper, painting him a picture of his favourite landscape, or just simply making him your own personal designed card. Either way, crafting something yourself is a genuinely nice gesture that any Dad would appreciate. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and even some kits that you can purchase that will enable you to create the perfect crafted gift for your Dad on Father’s Day. Just make sure it’s something that he can use time and time again.

It may be that your Dad is something of a crafter himself. if this is the case then it might be an idea to look at things that you can buy for him that would make a great craft present. Outside of the usual gift ideas for Father’s Day, it might be that your Dad enjoys making things himself. One of the simplest craft items you could buy is a jigsaw puzzle, although a challenging one might be a better idea. If you are looking for something that can take your Dad back down memory lane to his youth, it might also be an idea to look at buying him a plastic model kit. There will certainly be a sense of nostalgia if he is bought something like a Spitfire or a Lancaster bomber. There are also plenty of other non-war-based options that you can choose from, like a model of the Titanic for example.

Other craft gift ideas for Father’s Day could be something as interesting as marquetry. This is where a hot iron is used to score designs and patterns on wood. This is a particularly decorative artistic endeavour but it’s also something that’s quite manly too. Just be prepared that you may well get your own piece of marquetry from your Dad at some point in the future.

Finding the crafting and creative spur in any Dad is a good thing to do and one of the most accessible ways is to set him up with some artistic painting. There are many excellent kits that you can buy that have all of the ingredients for someone wishing to undertake painting as a new crafting hobby. You could start with something as simple as a few paint-by-numbers or invest in an easel and a set of paints and brushes for your Dad to have a go with. Make sure you’ve also got him some easels so he can paint his masterpiece onto something. Remember that most Dads like a good project, and with crafting you can certainly find him something.

If crafting isn’t your Dad’s thing there are still other options that you can look at. One of the most innovative and exciting new developments in gift ideas is that of the experience day. They can be

quite expensive, but why not see about getting Dad the opportunity to drive around Silverstone or Brands Hatch at great speed, preferably with an experienced driver by his side? This is an exhilarating gift idea and they’ve risen to become very popular over a short period of time. This isn’t the only experience that Dad can have, there is also horse riding and visits to museums that could be purchased for him. There is also the ability to spend the day with an artist which, if you decided to take him down more of a crafting route, might be a good idea. It could well be that your Dad might find some new inspiration from a combination of a crafting and experience day that will set him up on a hobby that will keep him going through the rest of his days.

All in all, there are plenty of gift ideas for Father’s Day that you can use to make the big day go with an absolute swing. Whether you’ve got a Dad that likes a bit of action or one that is more inclined to the quiet life, gift ideas are certainly available for everyone. Don’t forget to include a card and cake as well, that’s something of an essential to remember. Whatever you choose, I’m sure that your Dad will thoroughly appreciate all the effort that you’ve gone into for Father’s Day on the 18th of June 2023.