June Weddings

Posted 25/05/2023 in Tips for Crafters

Handcrafted items to make it all even more memorable.

Any June wedding has the potential to be one of the most memorable and incredible weddings that you could ever have. If the weather is on your side, and it should be in ‘flaming June’, then you could have the perfect opportunity to create wonderful photographs and memories of a very special day. There are other ways to make the day even more exceptional. With the blue summer skies above your head, it’s every bride’s dream to look radiant as they enter the church and walk down the aisle. It’s also every groom’s dream that the weather holds off long enough for the reception to be a success and for everybody to enjoy themselves.

Once the splendour of the wedding service has been completed and everybody has watched the happy couple be legally married, it’s time to make your way out of the church or venue and over to the reception area for the wedding breakfast and the speeches. The centrepieces and decorations for a June wedding are something that should be given very careful consideration. One of the most enchanting options is for there to be handcrafted items on the table for people to enjoy. There may also be an opportunity to create handcrafted decorations as well for the general room. However, crafters do need to be protected in case something goes wrong and that’s where public liability insurance for crafters comes in.

There’s a very good chance that you may well be contacted by the bride and groom or their wedding organisers to help craft and create something special and different for a wedding. No two weddings are exactly the same and the inclusion of something for the guests to take away from the ceremony is one of the more common factors that have come into the wedding day celebrations. A handcrafted gift for specific important guests such as the bridesmaids, the best man and the mother and father of the bride, for example, should all be given nice gifts to commemorate the day. Again, caution needs to be taken by the crafters who have been commissioned to make the gifts. If something were to go wrong with the handmade gifts, there would be certain legal ramifications that the crafter would need to be aware of. For peace of mind, it’s a very good idea to get public liability insurance for crafters before you start making things and giving them out to wedding parties. Unfortunately, in our modern era, one has to consider the worst possible outcome for anything as we live in an increasingly litigious society.

What kind of handmade crafts can you give out to members of the wedding party and other guests? One of the most popular choices is that of a small wooden craft box. This can contain many of the traditional wedding elements such as sweets like sugared almonds or maybe even chocolates. A particularly special touch would be to engrave or craft the initials of the two married people into the box to serve as a memento for the day long after the wedding has finished.

Flowers make up a very important part of any wedding ceremony and how they are arranged and displayed can make or break how a wedding looks. Weddings give the crafter the opportunity to display flowers how they wish to see them and to create vases or display holders for the flowers so that everything looks immaculate. One of the best advantages of June is that it is in the height of summer, so flowers are in abundance and there is much scope for colour and decoration to be had with them.

However, the most common role of the handcrafter at weddings is for making invitations to the wedding in the first place. This has become the first stage of any wedding and, in many cases, the invitation card is judged as much as the wedding ceremony itself. It’s very important that the handmade crafter sticks with the theme that the bride and groom have chosen. The place settings or

name cards should also be reflective of that initial invitation to give the whole event a certain sense of symmetry. It’s not necessarily complete uniformity that makes for a fun wedding but there is a certain sense of tradition that has to be observed and followed throughout the ceremony and reception afterwards. This can also be followed on to the evening party where even more friends and family may be coming to celebrate the union of the happy couple.

With the decorations set and the flowers arranged and everybody aware of the date from their handcrafted invitations, the wedding can begin in earnest. It’s a good opportunity for the business handcrafter to get their work seen and it may well lead to further commissions and other work. Above all, the business-minded hand crafter should always be looking for the next client and the next opportunity. They should also make sure that they retain their own security with public liability insurance for crafters as well.

One final idea to suggest might be to engage in some of your own glass-blowing. Just imagine the look on the guest’s faces when they are presented with a hand-blown piece of glass with the date and time of the wedding engraved upon them! There is also the possibility of looking at creating your own range of pottery to give as a homemade gift at a June wedding whether the bride and groom appreciate a good mug or a champagne flute, you’re sure to be able to find some handmade crafts that will fit the bill for them. It’s true that handmade crafts can really make all the difference in setting a wedding apart and making it memorable.