Kerry Jane Designs

Posted 14/11/2017 in Tips for Crafters

My name is Kerry, I am happily married with three beautiful grown up children and I live in a beautiful coastal town in Dorset, UK. I am a crochet pattern designer and create crochet baby hats, crochet adult hats, crochet cowls, crochet blankets and all sorts of colourful patchwork and crochet patterns.

My patterns are unique. My passion is to design top quality and easy to follow crochet patterns, including lots of details and photo tutorials to show you exactly where to place your hook and change your colour. I also include a stitch guide to explain how to make any stitch used in the pattern. I grade most of my patterns as ‘Easy’ If you can make basic stitches you will be able to follow my patterns ?

I learned to crochet and knit when I was 12 years old by my grandmother and her sisters who all lived together. I loved going round to visit their cosy little house after school, to sit in front of the warm open coal fire, being spoilt by three little old ladies with hot chocolate, biscuits and my ‘crochet lessons’.
I remember there was always little piles of tiny weeny baby cardigans and hats neatly piled on the arms of the chair, freshly knitted that day. I remember the sound of their needles clicking as they all worked and chattered away! ? They are very happy memories and perhaps thats why I still have the love and passion for it today.