Marketing your craft business

Posted 01/07/2020 in Tips for Crafters

There’s no denying it, lockdown has made us all reevaluate how we can continue to do business, in the absence of physically going out and about in the public arena.

Many, if not most, have turned to online sales to fill the void. So now you’ve set yourself up with a website, or have started selling through your facebook page, what next? How do you get people do find out about you and your craft business? How are you marketing your craft business?

As many of you will read read from previous posts, we have started hosting online market through social media, to try and give you crafters a shout out, and showcase what you do. Now after two online events, we are finally starting to learn how to get the word out, so people can go looking for you online.

Now, this by no means we are experts – quite the opposite in fact. However, the amazing crafting community are always quick to help and offer help, and are constantly educating me on the use of hashtags and ‘tagging’ people in posts.

So, what I would really like to know is, how do you market yourself and your craft business? Where do you advertise? Which hashtags work best for you?

Get in touch with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter under the hashtag #ianwwallace ltd and give us some top tips on how you are marketing your craft business.

If you also wanted to share pictures of your work on Instagram using #ian_presents then they will be visible along with our online stallholders for our virtual markets.

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