Now is not the time to give up on your dream of running a craft business

Posted 08/10/2020 in Uncategorised

The events of 2020 do have a silver lining

2020 has hit the craft industry hard. Most of our craft fairs, festivals, and events are cancelled which means lots of us can’t sell.

We’ve chatted about how to do things differently to try and improve business. Here are some more reasons why you shouldn’t give up now.

Customer behaviour has changed

2020 has triggered a change in buying behaviour, and whilst the High street has taken a hit, many small online businesses have benefited.

Larger online stores are under tremendous strain to keep up with high demand. This has resulted in people turning to independent businesses to fulfil their needs.

People are becoming Eco conscious

Society is becoming more aware of the impact of our behaviour on the planet. They want to make a difference, no matter how big or small. 

We don’t want mass produced items from a factory. We value handmade products, using sustainable or even recycled materials, and locally made.

Sentiment over materialism

Separation from friends and family this year has made people more sentimental.   A crafts person will go the extra mile to make products unique, personal, and made with love that satisfy this.