Setting up your crafting space ideas 2

Posted 15/09/2022 in Fairs and Events | Tips for Crafters

How many crafters have scrolled through Pinterest or YouTube, looking longingly at the perfectly curated and colour coordinated craft work spaces? Both are great platforms to get ideas and inspiration, but for many of us, setting up a craft business from scratch, we simply do not have the available funds to create such beautifully coordinated spaces, with everything bought new and for purpose. At Craft Insurance we are always keen to help you save money…check out our competitive rates for craft fair insurance for stall holders for example… and so to this end we have come up with some more tips which might help you set up the perfect space in which you and your business can flourish, without breaking the bank.

Before you start the hard work of number crunching, seeking out bargains and repurposing pre-loved furniture for your own use, begin by dreaming a little. In an ideal world, what would you like your crafting space to look like? What colours do you like to be surrounded by? Calming or invigorating? What type of visual layout do you like? The more clutter/ornaments we have in a room, the more we need to visually process. This is why very clear homes often feel calming. However, having beautiful and useful things on display can create a sense of cosiness and warmth and be equally relaxing.

Strike the right note

How about your auditory senses? If you are working alone, do you love listening to music or podcasts, or do you prefer silence? There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions; we are all unique and our preferences for the type of environment we work in will all be different.

Next, you could do some research. This is where some internet searches can be helpful; we can gather ideas and get some great tips, but be mindful not to allow discontent or self doubt to cloud your judgement. You will be able to create a great space for your purposes, and as your business grows, you may well choose to plough some of the profits back into your work space and thus have the satisfaction of seeing the results of your hard work surrounding you.

Get in the zone!

Whatever space you have, whether it is a huge warehouse or a tiny back bedroom, it can be very helpful to divide it into zones for separate tasks. For example, you will probably need a place for your computer and other IT gadgets, including any  photography equipment for photographing your products. You will also need space for processing and packaging orders. Then, of course you will need your crafting space. For many kitchen table craft business, these zones may actually be in different parts of your home. For example, if you are a potter, your wheel will be outside, you may paint and package at the kitchen table and share the computer with the rest of the family in another room. If you have a knitting business, you will probably carry your needles and wool around with you, but again will need specific spaces for storage and processing orders.

More storage tips

One thing all crafters have in common is that you need plentiful supplies, be that paint, wool, clay, fabric or ingredients to make soap or candles. Therefore, you will need storage and plenty of it!  If you have a specific room, shed or workshop look at where the lighting is best, as this will be where you will probably want to work. You can then fit storage into a darker nook. There are so many options for storage, from purpose built units to repurposed shelves or dressers from a charity shop. It can be helpful to store products, tools and accessories you will need for craft fairs in their own boxes, so they are easy to transfer whenever you have a fair to attend. This will save you much time the night before as you will not need to scrabble around to find those labels which you know are somewhere….!

Making the most of your space

Think about what type of flooring will serve you best. If you will be on your feet most of the day, would rubber mats be more comfortable? If you are sitting at a chair, it’s worth finding one which is ergonomically good. Think about your posture and put in place what you can to prevent aches and pains. Likewise, if you are working with toxic materials, ensure you have enough ventilation.

If you have a small space, maybe even a cupboard to store your equipment, make sure you use vertical space well. This could be a pegboard, hanging rods on the wall or the back of the door. However small your space, make it your own. Ensure you put some things in place which will make you smile, whether it be a colour scheme, some inspirational quotes, photos on a clip board or a repurposed dresser which you have invested time in making just right for your use.

At the fair

It’s worth thinking about how you would set up your space at a craft fair. You will want your stall to stand out, so think about clear branding and ease of approach for your customers. You may be able to demonstrate your particular skills at the site, or even to enable your customers to individualise their purchases. You will need craft fair insurance for stall holders, so be sure to get this in place well before the event.

In the public eye

Finally, some of you will have studios or workshops which are open to the public, so your space is visible to your customers and will impact sales. Branding and ease of access might be particularly important here, alongside checking you have the best possible deal on craft fair insurers for stall holders. So, whatever your budget, have fun constructing the perfect crafting space, designed just for you, where you can be inspired and create to your heart’s content