Things are looking up..

Posted 28/05/2020 in Company News | Fairs and Events | Tips for Crafters

With the news of outdoor markets being able to restart from next Monday 15th June, are you prepared to get going again?

Understandably, many crafters needed to lapse or cancel their policies, due to the lack of events, and thus the lack of income, but now that craft fairs and indoor/outdoor markets are starting again, is this the first sign that we may be able to return to some kind of normality?

Or perhaps this was the year that you were planning on starting a craft business, and then disaster struck and the world indefinitely put up a ‘Closed – back in 5 minutes sign’

Well, now’s the time. As the news that events are going to reopen, filters through the population, all we can suggest is, avoid the rush later, and get some insurance sorted now.

With us, it’s easy peasy, you just need to complete an online quote on our website which is

And to make things more manageable whilst things get rolling again, there is the facility to pay for your insurance by monthly interest free direct debit.

Stay safe, stay crafty