Why are handmade candles so brilliant?

Posted 10/11/2022 in Tips for Crafters

The mainstream market for candles is very competitive but to my mind nothing beats a handmade offering. But why are they such fantastic products? Of course, the best thing about them, the most brilliant in fact, is that they are handmade. The love, skill and craft that has gone into the creation of these candles, as very candle maker knows, is incredible. However, there are lots of other factors that make a handmade candle brilliant.


The “cookie cutter” approach to candle making is all to obvious in mainstream products. It seems that little thought has gone into the making of them. This is the complete opposite to that of the handmade creators. They will take the time to sit and plan out a candle form the top to the bottom. The colour will be decided on. The shape on length of the candle will also be planned out meticulously. If there is a theme, such as Christmas or Halloween for example, this can also be factored in. The fact is that with a handmade candle, the creativity involved is not limited to set designs. There is the capacity to come up with something for any celebration or occasion. This bespoke, tailor-made approach is what helps to make handmade candles brilliant, no two are ever the same. If you purchase one you can be sure that it is unique!


One of the ways in which the handmade candle can be made more unique is by its scent. The idea of scented candles is not new. However, the range of candles that are scented in the mainstream can be described as very “vanilla”, which is also one of the most common scents. A handmade candle presents an opportunity to make a singular product for yourself or someone else. Perhaps it is a scent that reminds you of a loved one or of a time long passed? Maybe you just have a favourite kind of scent that you really enjoy and want to fill the room with it. Either way, with a handmade candle you can achieve this rather than having to compromise with a synthetic second choice. The application of scents can be difficult, and care must be taken. You will need to have some protection in place which is why craft cover insurance reviews maybe required to find the best cover for your candle making needs.


The environment is something that is on all of our minds at present. With the increasingly grim warnings coming from scientists and climate change experts, it seems that we must all find ways to help to conserve the earth’s resources and give it time to recover. One of those ways is for us all to start looking to purchase nearer to home. Local buying is on the increase with more and more of us turning back to the local shop rather than the supermarket. The same can also be said of choosing to shop in large, out of town, retail outlet centres and the like. It’s usually a greener option to buy from a handcrafted local to you. As we’ve seen above, this means a bespoke product that is special to you and hasn’t cost the earth. Modern production of candles on a large scale can be a drain on resources, but a small-time artisan, usually working from home, will use nowhere near the amount of energy and materials.

Furthermore, the wicks used by hand crafters can also be of a sustainable material, like bamboo for example. Which brings us onto the next point…

Clean burning

When you have extinguished a candle do you find there is a lot of strong black smoke afterwards? And a malodorous smell? Sometimes it can even counteract the nice scent the candle originally had. The smell comes as a result of most mainstream candle wicks being soaked in paraffin or a similar oil so that they burn brighter and catch light quicker. This might seem like a good idea, but it means when you extinguish the flame a black smoke comes out of the candle and lingers in the room. Handmade candles often come with smokeless candle wicks that do not produce this when put out. It means that the candles warmth and scent doesn’t come at a cost to rooms’ ambience afterwards.

As a side note, on the subject of putting out flames, the last thing you want as a crafter of handmade candles is an accident. So, to protect yourself and your business look at some craft cover insurance reviews, we hope you’ll agree that Craft Insurance offers the kind of insurance that covers you for most eventualities.


This is something that all companies need to be aware of. The amount of waste produced by companies when producing products and services can be truly shocking. This is not the case with the smaller operator. With an eye on costs, which can make or break a business, the handmade candle artist is very aware that waste product will dig into the profits.

In conclusion, its simple to see why handmade candles are brilliant. They can be made to measure, just for you, using whatever colour scheme, design or shape you care to wish for. Not only that, but they can also have different scent(s) placed in them that can reflect your own sense of taste and choice. This is something that no mainstream supplier can do. Also, they are a great choice for saving the environment as a crafter will use a lot less materials than a larger company. The transport costs will be greatly reduced as most creators will look to use the postal service, or courier, rather than shipping huge volumes to supermarkets and retail outlets.  When using a postal or courier service you should consider protection of your products in transit, and her at Craft Insurance we offer suitable cover to protect your products in transit. Producers of handmade candles will also look to use recyclables and try and reduce waste as much as they possibly can, they need to reduce the amount of waste so that they can keep their profit margins as high as possible.

Finally handmade candles are brilliant as the don’t have to have the kind of wicks that create smoke after they have been put out. This means the candle just burns brightly bringing a nice warm light to the room, with no concern that there will be an unpleasant lingering after smell from the burning wick when it’s finished with. Craft insurance offer the very best kind of cover for hand crafters. But don’t just take our word for it, why not check out some craft cover insurance reviews to see what others say about us?