Writing winning descriptions and content for your online crafting business

Posted 02/06/2022 in Tips for Crafters

As artists and crafters, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy online from us. Writing the right content for your crafting website is all part of this! Cre8ion helped us with some useful tips on writing great content for our craft business insurance website and we’d love to share them with you… 

Writing great content is like taking great photographs of your products and if you don’t take a great photo you aren’t doing your products justice. You’ve spent all your time making something special and it’s worth suffers because of a poorly taken shot. It’s the same with your content on your website. Nobody else will appreciate how fab your products are, or even be able to find them for that matter, if they aren’t described in the right way. Your content can be like a well taken shot, and lead people to your wares like bees to a honeypot.

Content done well helps with:

SEO (which stands for search engine optimisation) is all about the words and phrases that help people to search for your product. These words and phrases (known as search terms) need to be found on your website so that Google can pick them out when people go searching for you. That’s why it’s really important that the words on your website are the right ones. For our business it might be single words or short phrases (known as short tail keywords) like ‘craft business insurance’ or ‘public liability insurance’ or it could be whole questions (known as long tail keywords) like “Do I need public liability insurance for my candle making business?” When I’m writing blogs, these are the words and phrases I need to be including in the body of content as well in the title and also throughout my website copy. Supposing your line of business is handmade soaps you need to include the words that people would be typing into Google to find your products. They might be typing in pampering, handmade bath products, present ideas for Mum etc.


Ranking is how high up the page your company appears when people search for you. The better you are at using the right search terms the higher up the ranking you will be, and the more relevant

content you write toward those search terms the more you are rewarded. This is why blogs work so well as they can be regularly updated and include the relevant, appropriate search terms. You can write a blog about your latest product and include search terms to ensure that people find it. You then talk about what your product might be good for, so if it’s a soap for dry skin for instance, people might be googling “best products for dry skin”, “solutions for dry skin” or “moisturising handmade soaps” so include these phrases in your blog. You are trying to focus on the reason why they are looking for your product. Time to get into your customers’ brains!!

Use Keyword sites:

The secret sauce is knowing where to find these words. We recommend www.NeilPatel.com which is easier than becoming a data scientist using google tools. You can find the most used words and terms here and add them to your content writing. The site offers a limited free service as well as a monthly subscription.

Write Good English:

Ever come across a website that has spelling mistakes and glaring grammatical gaffes? Like using ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ in the wrong places!! The good news for struggling grammarians is that anyone can improve their language score by using a tool called Grammarly. It works for you like a school teacher, sitting underneath all your text based applications, from email to word and PowerPoint to websites. It picks up what you are writing and recommends changes. The other app that is fantastic for website copy is The Hemingway App which is absolutely free and teaches you how to write concise, sharp, punchy copy with the right tone giving advertisers maximum impact in short phrases. Type your copy straight into the app and then copy and transfer to your website, once perfected. No more blethering!

Ask for help:

Get someone you know and trust to read it. It’s a great idea to ask someone to proofread who has no knowledge of your product. Explain the point that you are trying to get across and ask if that’s what they get from it…

Think benefits as well as features:

Too often we tell everyone about the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ but not the ‘why’. Features tell but benefits sell! Ensure you answer the question of why you have certain product features to create depth to your offering. We need to tell people why they need our products! Like why they need craft business insurance. What do you need to tell your audience? Is it about how your product feels, who it makes a good present for or the fact that it is unique.

Address the pain:

Think about the ‘pain’ the potential end user is experiencing. How is your product solving their problem? People go searching for a specific design or pattern for example, so that is something you need to emphasise. You make products with a dog design and people can’t find what they are looking for. Make sure that you are telling your customers that you have it!

Call to action:

Always remember that your content needs to get the buyer to take action. Incentives are things you can do to get people to buy with you. Discount codes, for example, or limited runs. Limited runs create exclusivity by making a lower number of a particular product. Everyone likes to have things that are unique or ‘one offs’, we like to wear different clothes and have unusual items in our homes. You can also upsell extra items that match, so if it’s cushions your selling, offer them with curtains at a slight discount!

Hopefully, this blog has given you some inspiration for writing great content for your crafting website. If you need help or advice with your craft business insurance please do contact us.