Does insurance cover online sales

Does insurance cover mail order/online marketing?   This is a question we get asked fairly frequently, and a recent email prompted me to try and answer this, along with a few snippets of information about our policy that may prove helpful. Firstly, with regards to online sales, it’s primarily the products liability aspect that will […]

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Craft Business February To Do List

For me, February is a month of birthdays, pancakes, gardening and Valentines day, so of course, this is predominately what my own do lists are centred around.  I get to make handmade presents, and cards, and I love it.  I managed to find last years hand crafted Valentines day card.  I can tell you, a […]

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Craft Business January To Do List

To Do List to kick start your craft business in 2016   Well, December came and went, far too quickly, and now we find ourselves starting afresh January 2016. Happy New Year to you all. As I do every New Year, I found myself reflecting on the year just gone by, what I did well, […]

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