Does insurance cover online sales

Does insurance cover mail order/online marketing?   This is a question we get asked fairly frequently, and a recent email prompted me to try and answer this, along with a few snippets of information about our policy that may prove helpful. Firstly, with regards to online sales, it’s primarily the products liability aspect that will […]

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Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations

On a daily basis, we speak with soap makers, and manufacturers of bath/body products, toiletries and cosmetics. Many people are still unaware of the EU legislation relating to this craft activity, namely the Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations.

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Craft Insurance – Amy Thomas – The Raw Soap Company

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of enquiries we receive from people looking for public and products liability for making soaps, and selling them through craft fairs, markets and online.  The UK is positively packed full of people producing these gorgeous handmade products.  Everyone’s story is […]

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